The Teaching Professor
The Teaching Professor Workshop Using Grading Strategies to Understand and Improve Student Learning

Using Grading Strategies to Understand and Improve Student Learning

October 25-26, 2013 in Atlanta, GA


Good grading and good teaching go hand in hand.

If you haven’t taken a fresh look at your assessment strategies recently, it’s likely that you’re missing some powerful ways to improve your courses and deepen the caliber of learning that takes place in your classroom.

The purpose of this exclusive two-day event is to help you create purposeful, meaningful opportunities for students to learn exactly what you want them to learn.

This workshop is designed to give you the freedom to think in new and innovative ways about how you teach and how you assess student learning.

The dual presenters have prepared a full menu of engaging activities for reflecting deliberately and developing the types of assessments that will improve the learning experience in your courses.

In Using Grading Strategies to Understand and Improve Student Learning, a pair of leading experts in classroom assessment will lead you through a concentrated two-day workshop designed to provide you with new tools and insights for redesigning your assessment strategies.

At the end of this event, you will understand how and why improving the quality of the assessments you use in your college courses can raise the level of learning in your classroom.

This fast-paced workshop will be a lively combination of interactive presentations, discussions, small-group breakout exercises, and time for individual reflection and planning.

This exclusive workshop will cover:

  • Improving student learning outcomes
  • Crafting effective assessment tools, including assignments, scoring guides, and multiple-choice tests
  • Examining results and using them to improve teaching and learning
  • Articulating what you most want students to learn
  • Researching student learning in your classes

Participants will learn how to:

  • Include research-based teaching methods in your classes
  • Access the latest scholarship on assessment and pedagogy
  • Use collected grading information to develop better teaching strategies
  • Develop an action plan of steps you can take to understand and improve student learning

Along with a customized action plan for moving forward with a better testing plan at your school, you also receive a copy of presenter Linda Suskie’s book Assessing Student Learning: A Common Sense Guide, as a permanent reference resource.